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0/10 devs rate implementing minor design tweaks as the most interesting part of their job

main 3D illustration
main 3D illustration
Picture if you will a whole new workflow. A workflow as elegant as the app you’re building right now. A workflow so logical, so intuitive, so respectful of your own time and skillset that it almost hurts. In this workflow, designers can refine their app design layouts all day long, convert the changes into perfect Flutter code, generate their own pull requests from Figma, need your attention for exactly none of it.

Leaving you with more time to do animations, business logic, integrations. You know, the stuff you trained for.


You read that right, it’s not CI/CD. Picture if you will a continuous integration tool between the design team and development team. A tool where the development team can focus on business logic, integrations, and animation, while the design team focuses on the UI. Well ladies and gentlemen, this is Continuous Design, Continuous Integration: CD/CI. And Parabeac does exactly that for app development teams. Want to know how? Check out our docs.
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