The Designer Path

Design changes become live code, no handoff needed

main 3D illustration
main 3D illustration
Imagine you’re a designer designing an app. (You’re here so that’s probably not a stretch. But hold on, cause the stretch is coming.) Now imagine that you get all your designs just right, set up all the layouts and components in Figma. And (here it is) instead of handing the designs off to the devs and hoping for the best, your designs … just happen. Exactly the way you designed. Pixel perfect. Directly into github. No other steps.

We know. Implausible AF
But wait. Because we’re gonna stretch that imagination even further. Now imagine that you think of a better way to handle some piece of your design, say, the login page. Instead of telling yourself, “too late, it’s already in the live version, I’ll wait until the update cycle in six months,” you just redesign it, and push it to github yourself, without slowing down the dev cycle.

And now imagine doing that 10 times a day. 20. 30. And the total number of devs you irritate by doing your effing job? Zero.

You’ve just imagined Parabeac Cloud.

The Developer Path

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