About Us

First Hand Experience with Handoff Hell

When we were running our dev shop we faced a real problem. Our clients required fast turnarounds to help them go to market quickly. Yet as a developer team we were spending too much time in tedious and repetitive work. During handoff, developers and designers needed to hold, what seemed like 500 meetings per project, for things such as making sure pixels were right or that a particular color used was the correct shade. Some have estimated over 60% loss in overall productivity just from multiple iterations and miscommunications.

We came across tools that tried to make handoff better but we were still dissatisfied. We didn’t want a better way to manage handoff, we wanted to build apps faster by eliminating it completely. And the only way to eliminate handoff is by changing the workflow where designers are integrated into the developer’s workflow. That led to the creation of Parabeac’s design to code platform.

Our belief is that the quality of Parabeac code should be defined not by us, but instead by the real-time consensus of the global developer community. For this reason the source code that drives our platform will always be available as an open source offer.

Our Philosophy

We love what we do at Parabeac. Most of us live out in Texas but we honor and respect the global developer community, from Mountain View to Shanghai. We know an ocean of global enthusiasts will make Parabeac better in ways we could never have envisioned by ourselves. The developer community will configure and improve our product to what their real requirements are, not what we thought their requirements might be. In short, we want Parabeac to be the clear pool of open source code into which every developer around the world can see a bit of their own reflection.